The Sun should not have defended UM's former sorority sister

I read the sorority sister's tirade after seeing it mentioned on Yahoo ("In defense of UM's most profane (former) sorority sister," April 26). Frankly, I found it disgusting, as virtually all of the bloggers did too. What confounds me is that The Sun's Andrew A. Green defended it. He didn't have the guts to use the word she did regarding the "developmentally disabled" because he knew that the wrath of (hopefully) most readers would come down on him.

In his last paragraph regarding the gun background check legislation he appears to be saying that she should have used her profane writing skills against those who voted against the proposals. Is this really the civility that we should all be hoping to achieve in our day to day discussions, whether in the political arena or not? This was a very disappointing Editorial Notebook and one that should never have been written. Not your finest hour, Mr. Green.

Art Kelly, Towson

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