Public sector entitlement mentality on display at Social Security Administration protest

Your article states that Social Security worker Celisa Ford is "losing sleep and is stressed," fearful that she will have to pull her daughter out of college, because she has had a two-year pay freeze ("On the brink of the fiscal cliff," Dec. 6). I work in the private sector and have not had a pay raise in five years. I have a daughter who just left college and got married, a second in college, and one about to go next year.

I am stressed too. Unlike Ms. Ford, I don't have time to take off work and whine in a picket line on North Greene Street. I keep my mouth shut, work harder, and thank God that I am gainfully employed, unlike dozens of my friends in the private sector who are unemployed because they don't have protected government jobs.

This is a perfect case study of the public sector sense of entitlement and belief that they are put upon. I suggest that Ms. Ford take a night course in finance and realize that the income generated by for-profit companies like mine create the taxes that justify her employment.

Government workers need to be downsized just like private sector ones until this economy recovers. That's the way it works out here in the real world of supply and demand.

Thomas M. Neale, Baltimore

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