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Let Sobhani debate

ElectionsBenjamin L. CardinU.S. Senate

A broadcast campaign advertisement does not provide enough time to fully explain a dynamic idea, and the major party candidates for U.S. Senate, Democratic incumbent Ben Cardin and Republican Dan Bongino, know it and appear to be intent on keeping independent Rob Sobhani and his supporters quiet. It is interesting that neither Senator Cardin nor Mr. Bongino will debate Mr. Sobhani even though he has had just as strong a showing in the polls as Mr. Bongino. The lack of debate suggests that these two candidates are threatened by Mr. Sobhani's already strong showing and are seeking to squelch his progress by not allowing him exposure to the voting public.

Elections should be about using democracy to solve our state's problems, not old networks keeping out valuable fresh blood.

Let Mr. Sobhani debate and let the people decide!

Matthew Burruano, Perry Hall

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ElectionsBenjamin L. CardinU.S. Senate
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