Ehrlich's comment on Schurick verdict shows why he failed as governor

The reaction of former Gov. Robert Ehrlich Jr. to the guilty verdict against his former aide, Paul Schurick, reveals in just a few carefully well-chosen words the political views that led to his failure as governor ("Schurick convicted: Former Gov. Ehrlich's ex-campaign manager guilty in robocall case," Dec. 7).

Mr. Ehrlich's emphasis that his disagreement was with the decision "from a Baltimore City jury," not just with the jury, implies a nasty bias that is consistent with the unchecked partisanship that dominated his four years as governor.

He preferred blaming Democrats to making progress then. He prefers blaming Baltimore City jurors to achieving justice now. It is clear that for Mr. Ehrlich what matters is only who you are, not what you do. That's a shame.

Jeffrey Silverberg, Baltimore

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