Democrats aren't above voter fraud

Come on Dan Rodricks, I'm sure you get a great deal of pleasure out of the opportunity to once again bash the Maryland GOP, but it isn't like the Democrats are squeaky clean politicos ("Drawing the line in cutthroat business of politics," Dec. 7).

Let's not forget that Julius Henson is a Democrat. How do we know it wasn't a plot to make the GOP look bad? Did you forget the 1994 election for governor between Ellen Sauerbrey and Parris Glendening? Voter fraud charges lawsuit? Dead people voting, prisoners and out of state people voting? The 1994 election was in doubt as charges of voter fraud led to a lawsuit by the Sauerbrey campaign to overturn the election, which was ultimately unsuccessful (hardly a big surprise in a Democrat-controlled state).

And let's not forget the ridiculousness of the redistricting proposal to rid Maryland of one of the last two GOP congressmen in the state. Look at your own glass house, Mr. Rodricks.

Craig Garfield

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