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Government should get out of the flood-insurance business

A recent headline stated that "Congress approves more aid for Sandy's victims" (Jan 5). Really?

My take is that what Congress did was require our children to borrow another $10 billion to pay contractual obligations of government insurance claims. Insurance premiums are only covering about 1 percent of previous claims, and our children will pay the other 99 percent.

Soon another $50 billion will be added to the tab, and Sandy will not be the last disaster.

The government needs to either get out of the flood-insurance business or make premiums cover outlays. Sandy's victims must be helped, but we cannot continue to subsidize high-risk communities at this level in the future.

Food, water, emergency care and temporary shelter should always be provided, but not cash. Some flood-prone areas are looking forward to rebuilding bigger and better every couple of years — all on our dime.

Dan Griffin, Perry Hall

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