Lacy deserved mention in '42'

Having just seen the wonderful film, "42," the other day, I, too, was struck by the absence of a mention of the Baltimore Afro-American's Sam Lacy in the sports reporting of such a momentous time in baseball, America's and civil rights history. Your article, "Sam Lacy's son upset by father's absence from '42'" (April 16) reveals Tim Lacy's surprise and hurt by the absence of any mention of his father's name despite all of his reporting as an eyewitness to history with Wendell Smith (the Pittsburgh Courier editor-reporter featured in the movie).

As a student studying African American history, I always understood Mr. Lacy's place in reporting the difficult road Jackie Robinson took while integrating major league baseball. I am grateful The Sun has reported that the movie makes this omission. The reporter from Baltimore shouldn't be forgotten, especially not in favor of a reporter from Pittsburgh. Just sayin', as a fan.

Ralph E. Moore Jr., Baltimore

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