Pope Francis' inspiration needed at the parish level [Letter]

I very much admired Susan Reimer's recent column on what Pope Francis means to lapsed Catholics ("A pope for the unfaithful," Jan. 2).

I too fell away from the Catholic Church for a time. I did return, due to my mother's constant reminders of what leaving meant. And upon returning I resolved to attend for a much different reason than all the beliefs instilled in me growing up. I went just for me.

I listened to the father's sermons and just yearned for peace to guide me through the week. Sometimes this worked, sometimes not. There are very few sermons our parish priest gives that instill what I'm searching for — sermons that relate everyday life situations and how to deal with the questions many of us need answers to.

It is my hope that the Pope can somehow relate his ways to all our parishes, and forge his visions to the many priests. Until then, I sit in wonder at church what I can take back into my daily world to honor my faith's teachings. Ms. Reimer is an inspiration.

Sandy Gingrich, Lancaster, Pa.

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