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U.S. must help Latin refugees [Letter]

Like so many others, I have been closely following the refugee crisis at the southern border. But instead of welcoming these poor children, who are desperate for help, many people refuse to recognize their humanity.

For example, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners and Rep. Andy Harris protested the possibility that of some of the child refugees would be housed in Westminster ("U.S. dismisses Carroll Co. as shelter site," July 13). I immediately thought of the Jewish refugees on the S.S. St. Louis who were turned away from the United States, as many of them died in concentration camps.

I am currently reading Thomas Melville's "Through A Glass Darkly," and he repeatedly lets the reader know about U.S. government support for death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala. More recently, the U.S. supported the coup in Honduras. Our government for centuries sided with the Latin American autocrats, and now our government officials must be held responsible for many of the problems in Latin America.

Note that Nicaraguan children are not fleeing to the U.S. Also, remember how the U.S government installed a dictator in Nicaragua and later tried to topple the country's first democratically-elected government. We must provide succor to the children coming across the southern border and then work with the Central American governments to alleviate the situation where violent gangs are able to act with impunity.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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