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Don't trash plan for can and bottle deposit

I think the real reason the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Beverage Association is against the "Recycle for Real" bill is because it will create more work for beverage retailers and the beverage distributors ("Drink deposit fight brewing," Jan. 15). They may even have to add employees to handle the work. I do not think an added nickel, that a purchaser will get back, will deter anyone from buying a bottled or canned beverage. It will make everyone more thoughtful before throwing out a bottle or can because then it is worth something.

One other benefit to the bill will be seen by the poorest of the poor on the streets. My brother was unemployed, living in New York where they had a deposit law in effect. He would collect enough bottles to turn in to receive $5-$10 a day. This money was a Godsend, but it also made him feel he was doing something useful and "earning" some money when no one would employ him.

Deborah Bennett, Elkridge

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