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The domestic solution to high gas prices

Oil comes to us from many locations — Alaska the continental U.S., North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Central and South America, the Arab nations, and also Russia. Oil gets shipped to refineries in the U.S., some new, some very old. Then it is refined into various products. When it arrives to the corner where four different oil companies maintain stations, guess what, they are all within a penny of each other. Collusion maybe?

The reality is simple. Sell your product to the highest bidder and point your finger at the Arabs.

Finger pointing is OK, but it is not the truth of the matter. Let's look for a simple solution. Let's consider oil that produced in the United States needs to stay in the United States as a natural resource and make it unlawful to ship outside of America. Nationalism. Don't you love that concept? Clothes, electronics products, automobiles all made in the U.S. Seems to equate to jobs and dollars earned stay in this country. Pollyannaish isn't it?

Tom Black, Sparks

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