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Obama 'obsession' fueled by radicalism and racism

I've enjoyed reading the more moderate conservative pundits trying to reason with their base to, as Timothy Meyer puts it, get over their "Obama obsession" ("Conservatives: Lose the Obama obsession," May 30). Good luck with that. President Barack Obama has the economic policies of an Eisenhower Republican. His Obamacare is taken in large part from Mitt Romney's health care reforms in Massachusetts and is by the far the most conservative alternative out there for bringing affordable health care to all Americans. And President Obama's foreign policy with his use of drones has caught far more criticism from liberals than from conservatives.

I am convinced that it's not Mr. Obama's policies that fuel the conservative's hysterical accusations of "socialism" and "government run amok." No, it's because a) conservatives have embraced a very un-conservative economic libertarianism that is truly radical and profoundly paranoid in its attitude toward government and b) Mr. Obama is black. It's the sad, tired, hateful side of American culture no one wants to talk about but is a big part of the conservative base's "Obama obsession."

Jay Hilgartner, Baltimore

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