Border crisis is Obama's mess [Letter]

President Barack Obama first gives the "come on" signal to these Central American countries. So they take him up on it and overwhelm our already overworked border patrol. Now Mr. Obama is asking for $3.7 billion to clean up "his" mess ("America's refugee crisis," July 9). There is something wrong with this picture. When he says that these children and the rest of the illegal invaders will be sent back, he knows darn well that it will never happen — like "you can keep your doctor." Mr. Obama responded to all the pressure from the Hispanic caucus in Congress plus all the open border crowd. He responded like the spineless commander and chief that he is. As a Hispanic whose grandparents did not sneak across our borders, I am proud to be an American. Proud to have served my country in the Marine Corps. Ashamed for its present poor leadership and glad to say I did not vote for him.

Rick Alvi

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