Health care reveals imperial president

The health care debacle is yet another example of the ineptitude of a popular president who is not qualified to be this country's leader. Obamacare was foisted onto the representatives at the last minute. Those who wanted more time to examine this law were cast as being against poor people and health care.

When President Barack Obama gave exemptions to various and sundry businesses, he would not give the same considerations to the people he was suppose to be helping many of whom could not read this complex edict. When Republicans wanted to engage in talks, Mr. Obama took the Bob Irsay tactic of "my way or the highway" causing the recent government shutdown. I think Mr. Obama has spent too much time with kings, Imams, dictators, generals and such. He envies their power.

Don't be surprised when there is a move to remove term limits on presidents, probably by the same people who have engineered and paid for his rise to power.

Dan Shannahan, Fullerton

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