Weekly news quiz -- All-Schaefer edition

See how well you know the career of the late mayor and governor

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  • 1. William Donald Schaefer had a 51-year streak of electoral victories, but early in his career, he failed twice in seeking what office?

    • A. State delegate

    • B. State senator

    • C. City councilman

    • D. Clerk of courts

  • 2. Schaefer lived most of his life in his parents' rowhouse on what West Baltimore street?

    • A. Edgewood Street

    • B. Harlem Avenue

    • C. West Franklin Street

    • D. West Mulberry Avenue

  • 3. Schaefer served in World War II, and for many years after in the reserves, of what branch of the military?

    • A. Army

    • B. Navy

    • C. Air Force

    • D. Marines

  • 4. Which of these major building projects was not closely associated with William Donald Schaefer?

    • A. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

    • B. The second span of the Bay Bridge

    • C. The Baltimore light rail

    • D. The Baltimore Convention Center

  • 5. Why did then-mayor Schaefer dive into the seal pool at the National Aquarium?

    • A. It came in over budget

    • B. Attendance failed to meet projections

    • C. As part of an effort to secure federal aid

    • D. It opened later than promised

  • 6. On what color paper were the "do it now" notes that Mayor Schaefer sent to his staff?

    • A. Red

    • B. Yellow

    • C. Blue

    • D. Green

  • 7. When Schaefer ran for governor for the first time, he won the general election with what eye-popping percentage of the vote?

    • A. 64 percent

    • B. 74 percent

    • C. 84 percent

    • D. 94 percent

  • 8. What region of the state did Schaefer famously use an obscene synonym of "outhouse" to describe?

    • A. Western Maryland

    • B. The Eastern Shore

    • C. Southern Maryland

    • D. The Washington suburbs

  • 9. What did then-Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich do to butter up Comptroller Schaefer before important Board of Public Works meetings?

    • A. He called him "Mayor Schaefer"

    • B. He gave him salt water taffee

    • C. He covered up the State House portrait of Gov. Glendening

    • D. He had Kendel Ehrlich bring him a cake

  • 10. When the time came for Schaefer to move from his Pasadena townhome to the Charleston retirement community, what former aide distracted him under the pretense of lunch at Petit Louis Bistro?

    • A. Mike Golden

    • B. Mark Wasserman

    • C. Lainey Lebow-Sachs

    • D. Pam Kelly

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