Why no articles about MTA fare increase? [Letter]

Freedom of the press came about to inform the people of America the news without government intervention, in the 18th century. Yet The Sun continues to pick the part of the news it believes the public wants to read about and slants it to the readership it believes will support a party or candidate the newspaper prefers.

Case in point is last year's legislation raising the state gas tax. Hidden in the bill is an increase in Maryland Transit Administration fares, but the increase will not take effect until after the 2014 elections. It starts in 2015 and has a built-in adjustment based on the Consumer Price Index.

The people most affected by this increase are the same people the O'Malley administration is trying to help by raising the minimum wage.

This is sort of an example of Gov. Martin O'Malley giving and then taking away hoping people will not notice. I guess they won't notice since the Sun chooses not to report it.

Why is it The Sun hiding the full story to benefit mostly Democratic politicians? Run the whole story on the front page above the fold and ask MTA riders what they think about the increase on the table for 2015, after the election.

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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