Women have right to front of the (military) line

I have zero problem with Sgt. Jennifer Hunt's request to be in the infantry — or that of any woman for that matter ("Women in U.S. military fight for right to serve in combat," Jan. 5).

It should be required. This is the era of equal rights. I served in the infantry. It was taxing on the mind and body. Living in the brush for a month and seeing first hand the horrors of war isn't easy. I always wondered, when it came time for promotions, why a man who was on the front line would have to come back and answer to anyone (man or woman) who served in the rear.

The kicker is they get promoted before you and make the same pay. I also wondered why you get a medal (the purple heart) for getting wounded? The object was to wound the so-called enemy.

J.D. Taylor

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