Medicare coverage falls short [Letter]

In the business section, you had a question and answer column with Michelle P. Holzer of the Maryland Department of Aging ("Frequently asked questions about Medicare," April 19) and she said Medicare covers skilled nursing and rehabilitative services after a three-day minimum medically necessary inpatient hospital for a related illness or injury.

Ten days ago, my 91-and-a-half-year-old mother-in-law was seen at a local hospital for back pain after a fall, diagnosed with a lumbar compression fracture, was unable to walk on her own and the hospital would not admit her for the three night stay because they said they are no longer reimbursed for these types of admissions. I had to transfer her to a local nursing home where I work for some therapy and her stay there will not be covered by Medicare and will cost at least $300 a day while she is receiving therapy, and I am not sure if that will even be covered.

Wake up, America. This is what you are getting, and when it affects you personally, you will start to feel how the strings are continually being pulled to rob you of your benefits.

Dr. David McClure, Bel Air

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