Question 6: Thank you, Maryland

I am writing to thank those who voted in support of the gay marriage law. As a gay Christian who has felt like a second class citizen for too long, I applaud those who stood up for equal rights. The Bible was used to condone slavery. The Bible says that those who commit adultery are to be stoned to death. Many words in the Bible were translated to mean things that God did not intend. Jesus came to teach us to love God and love our fellow man.

Enlightened people have come to understand that being gay is not a choice. (When did you decide that you were straight?) Equal protections under the law should be upheld for all citizens and the right for gay couples to marry and to be a more accepted part of our society are paramount if we are to uphold the Constitution. Let us move forward strengthening all marriages, helping heterosexual couples care for their children, and supporting each other as Americans in a country that is home of the free and of the brave.

Sherry Hope, Baltimore

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