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Threat of Lyme disease is real and growing

I am astounded to see The Sun publish its second Dan Rodricks column attacking the documentary, "Under Our Skin: A Health Care Nightmare" ("MPT's flawed decision on flawed film," June 19).

In his most recent hatchet job, Mr. Rodricks chastises the local PBS channel for airing the film. What is most curious is the columnist's' unwavering devotion and promotion of the Infectious Disease Society of America's guidelines and propaganda without ever vetting this position with recent developments in the battle against Lyme. Had Mr. Rodricks engaged in even a cursory view of recent developments, he would have learned that the Institute of Medicine held hearings in Washington last summer. A representative from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was in attendance and testified that the public health agency is extremely worried about the rise in Lyme disease, the 7th fastest growing disease in the U.S.

In Virginia, the governor has convened a task force to take testimony and make recommendations as to how to manage what has become an epidemic in that state. Newspapers in Virginia have written article after article warning of this epidemic. North Carolina has likewise reported the battle. Does The Sun really support Mr. Rodricks' biased attempts at delivering only one side of this politically polarized epidemic?

In fairness to the community, I challenge The Sun to assign an unbiased, investigative reporter of substance to write a balanced article so that our community has the benefit of fair and accurate reporting. At the IOM hearings, the CDC cautioned of the need for public awareness. Should The Sun be interested in doing a balanced piece, I will happily put the writer in touch with experts on both sides of the issue. Shame on Dan Rodricks and The Sun's blind support of his biased reporting.

Susan R. Green, Towson

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