Lewis a good football player but not a hero

I am saddened by the presentation of Ray Lewis of the Ravens as a hero. He is nothing more than a very talented athlete ("Ray's day," Jan. 7).

Where are our priorities? Ray Lewis has six children by four different mothers, skated away from his 2000 manslaughter debacle by snitching on his "friends," and four years later settled out of court with the families of the two men that were killed in the bar brawl. The clothes he wore that night were never found. He loves to say that he is a Christian. Really? That doesn't sound like Christian behavior to me.

There are real heroes in this world: soldiers, teachers, volunteers, etc. They work for little or no money while Ray Lewis signs ridiculous contracts. I realize that he contributes to various charities, but it's very easy to write a check.

In closing, I would just like to say that being a great athlete does not make one a hero. Remember O.J. Simpson?

Pam Lanza, Baltimore

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