Ray Lewis and salvation

I think it spoke to the true essence of the man that Ray Lewis has become that after the playoff game against Indianapolis, the last game he would play at M&T Stadium after a hugely successful 17-year run with the Baltimore Ravens that (after completing his on-field victory dance) he peeled off his No. 52 jersey when it was time to address the media ("Ray's Day," Jan. 7).

Knowing that thousands of people would be tuned in to hear the words of this icon on this important day in sports history, Ray chose not to be seen as the awesome Ravens player that he is, but rather as a soldier of God. The black t-shirt he wore simply said "Psalms 91" but his words spoke of "giving all the glory to God" and how "God is just amazing. His timing is everything. His Will is everything."

My children were immediately curious what this celebrity was "endorsing" with the bold Psalms 91 emblazoned in gold. They begged to go to the Internet to see what could possibly be so important to Ray Lewis on this magnificent milestone in his spectacular career. My children were profoundly impacted by what God, through Ray Lewis, had to say.

Katie Grayson-Annulis, Great Mills

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