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The Sun editorial page: Liberally sprinkled with chuckles

Democratic PartyMartin O'MalleyBarack Obama

I stopped paying for The Sun years ago because of the one-sided liberal spin on virtually every page. But I receive the paper free a few days a week as a County Times subscriber, and every once in a while I read the editorials for a good chuckle. Thursday's edition did not disappoint; in fact it was a double chuckle.

Gov. Martin O'Malley's tough budget? Give me a break ("A tough budget," Jan. 19). The only reason we have a gap between spending and revenue is that Democrats are addicted to spending. Annapolis never has enough money.

But even better is your support of President Obama shooting down the Keystone XL pipeline ("Thumbs down on Keystone," Jan. 19). What idiot would say no to more oil and jobs? Oh, that's right — it's our anti-job, anti-free market, anti-military, anti-capitalist president.

Does The Sun ever employ any conservatives that can provide another view, at least every once in a while?

Kevin Maher, Ellicott City

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Democratic PartyMartin O'MalleyBarack Obama
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