Jay Miller is an honest man

I was astounded to read the allegations that Jay Miller had solicited money in exchange for favorable reviews in "The Wine Advocate" ("Paid to sip? Wine scandal swirls around local critic," Dec. 7th).

I have known Mr. Miller as a customer and later as a sales associate since 1978, when I was wine manager at Well's Discount Liquors. In 1981, when I founded what is now Calvert Wine and Spirits, in Hunt Valley, I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Miller join me at Calvert for several years.

Mr. Miller is one of the most honest people I have ever met. He would literally chase after a customer if they left change on the counter, even if it was only a few pennies.

Like myself, Mr. Miller's career in the wine business was driven by aesthetics, not money. In this way he strongly resembles his long-time friend and employer Robert M. Parker, publisher of "The Wine Advocate."

Geoffrey Connor, Hunt Valley

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