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A get-out-of-debt plan for Jamal Lewis

BankruptcyJamal Lewis

Regarding Jamal Lewis' financial straights, I hope he is not allowed to take advantage of the bankruptcy laws ("Lewis bankruptcy offers a peek at former Raven's life," June 10).

However, I am not without sympathy for Mr. Lewis, so I offer this advice (at no charge), which is guaranteed to get him out of his predicament: Sell your rings, bling, and other things, then just live within your means.

Published reports show that would leave him a mere $4.9 million. If he has trouble living on such a paltry amount, then using nothing more then common sense I will help him develop a plan to keep him debt free.

Of course, such a plan will not be free. However, I promise he will be able to afford it.

Rob Schwartz, Owings Mills

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BankruptcyJamal Lewis
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