Israel is ready for peace, but the Arab world doesn't want it [Letter]

Letter writer Ray Gordon clearly knows very little about the Arab-Israeli conflict ("Give Israel the ultimatum," April 3).

The League of Nations, in order to satisfy both the Arabs and the Jews, offered to carve up the land and give each people a portion. But while the Jews agreed, the Arabs refused.

The so-called Palestinians were displaced and settled in concentration camps in the Arab world by their fellow Arabs in 1948. When five Arab armies attacked after Israel declared its independence, Palestinians were told to evacuate the area until the Jews were pushed into the sea, after which they could come back and not only reclaim what was theirs but whatever had belonged to the Jews as well.

However, things didn't work out that way. The Jews prevailed and the Arabs who left ended up in refugee camps set up in Arab states that even after all these years do not offer them citizenship.

The Arabs who remained in Israel share in the Jews' prosperity; they have equal rights and even are members of the Israel government. Israel has continuously showed good intent by giving land for peace (Sinai, Yamit, Gaza), but in return they have gotten only rocket attacks and homicidal bombings on the civilian population.

The so-called Palestinians have been kicked out of Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq and Syria. If the Arab world put away its weapons, there would be peace. If Israel put away its weapons the Jews would all be killed.

There can be peace, but only when the Arab world decides it wants peace, not before.

Ron Bockman, Philadelphia, Pa.

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