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U.S. should end Iran sanctions [Letter]

IranLobbyingU.S. Chamber of Commerce

The recent commentary, "An enemy revisited" (July 13), correctly states that in witnessing the harsh realities "the United States would do well to reassess its view on Iran." In fact, we should have a dialogue and trade with Iran, a country that does not threaten U.S. national interests. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and The Business Roundtable have both called for an end to sanctions on Iran, stating that these sanctions have cost U.S. businesses $25 billion and a loss of 210,000 American jobs.

Unfortunately, as long as Israel and the wealthy pro-Israel lobby are able to dictate U.S. foreign policy to our spineless politicians, we will continue to put Israel's interests ahead of our own, much to our harm and expense. It is past time that we had a foreign policy that placed U.S. interests and security first.

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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IranLobbyingU.S. Chamber of Commerce
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