Defense attorney's summation in Huguely trial was pathetic

What a stunningly wrong defense George Huguely's attorney employed in his closing arguments ("Sides wrap up in Huguely trial", Feb. 19). Does Francis McQ. Lawrence really expect the jury (and the rest of us) to buy the stone-age argument that "[Huguely] is what you get; he's a boy athlete?"

First, a 22-year-old is hardly a "boy," and second, decent male athletes everywhere should take offense at the notion that such behavior can be excused simply because they are athletes.

Attorney Lawrence compounded his poor judgment by saying that most of us have "touched somebody [we] loved in a rude manner."

Rude? No, Mr. Lawrence, most of us do not engage in such behavior and it certainly goes beyond "rude."

I don't envy the job of the attorney trying to defend Mr. Huguely in this horrific case. However, his comments would be laughable were not Yeardley Love's death such a preventable tragedy.

Sandra L. Wighton, Baltimore

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