Sentencing of local polluter raised awareness of environmental hazards

For years, the ill effects of improperly dumped hazardous wastes was a hot topic in the media. However, it seems as though only big name corporations that get caught disposing colossal amounts of waste get covered today. Candy Thomson's recent report shows that there are still concerns when it comes to toxic dumping locally ("Baltimore man sentenced in hazardous waste case," April 29).

The fact that the article reports on an average person and not a large corporation deserves applause. The man the article is about was caught a year after he dumped two 55-gallon drums of waste water in a lot.

Why did it take so long to catch this man if, as the article states, "a city code enforcement investigator was able to trace the truck back to Fox, who admitted he accepted money from a contractor to dispose of the drums?" Will the contractor be prosecuted? There should have been more coverage on this case.

I cannot find any information concerning toxic dump sites in the Maryland area for the last four years. To get the Environmental Protection Agency more deeply involved, the media have to publicize more cases like this one. I hope more such articles are written, because public awareness is important.

Janae Letts-Daniels, Suitland

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