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Rep. Andy Harris offers specious debate analysis

Recently, Rep. Andy Harris sent a broadside e-mail to constituents under the subject line "President Obama Engages in Unnecessary Attack on U.S. Navy."

The message included the following statement by Mr. Harris: "When I was commissioned in the U.S. Navy in 1988 we had 565 ships — and today we are down to 287. As a retired naval officer, President Obama's denigration of the U.S. Navy by comparing warships to horses is offensive."

Does Mr. Harris really believe that President Obama was comparing warships to horses? I believe that most listeners thought that Mr. Obama was praising today's Navy for being able to do more with fewer resources and expense. That concept is a far cry from denigrating the Navy's current capability.

But Mr. Harris' knee-jerk reaction epitomizes Republican doctrine for the last four years: Don't listen carefully to anything Mr. Obama says, just attack.

Robert B. Heaton, Cockeysville

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