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Take action against gun violence

In the aftermath of the horror of the Connecticut school slayings, the looming darkness as we approach the shortest day of the year seems apt. We have snuffed out 20 of the brightest candles our nation cherishes — our children, the light of our future ("Saying farewell," Dec. 18).

In his recent column ("The massacre this time," Dec. 15), Dan Rodricks bemoaned the continuing senseless mass murders committed by unstable people with all too easy access to weapons of mass destruction. As a country we mainly wring our hands and move on, if not forward. Mr. Rodricks ends with, "And we should do something about it."

I have a suggestion for all of us out there wanting to do something.

Take 20 minutes, one for each of the children slain this past Friday, and visit the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence website ( Send your condolences to the suffering Connecticut families. Get some facts.

Did you know that eight children and teens die from guns every day in our nation? That this is fully one-fourth of the 32 people who die daily from guns in the United States? The Brady website shows a gruesome tally in its upper right hand corner — the number of people who have been shot in America. At 1 p.m. when the Ravens kicked off on Sunday, the tally stood at 94,646 to date, 146 for the day. At 1:15 p.m., the total was 148.

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced on "Meet the Press" that she has been working on legislation this past year to reintroduce a ban on the sale of assault weapons and on limiting ammunition clips to no more than 10 bullets.

Want to do something? Contact your elected representatives in the Senate and House, call the White House and urge their support of these efforts to control gun violence.

We have the right to bear arms in this country, but we also have the responsibility to regulate their use. Let's hope for a more peaceful New Year, and may our days be filled with more light.

Jean Suda, Timonium

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