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Society's lawlessness is reason enough to carry a gun

The only "good and substantial reason" citizens should need in order to obtain a concealed carry permit for their firearm is that we live in a society some of whose members have no respect for the lives of others ("U.S. appeals panel upholds Md. gun law," March 22).

As it stands now, the only people who pack guns are the criminals who prey on innocent citizens knowing that the odds of their victims carrying a weapon in Maryland are close to zero. So criminals have nothing to fear.

But put that same criminal in the thousands of cities across the country where citizens are afforded their Second Amendment right to bear arms and the thug has to think to himself: "Is he or is she packing or not?"

It's time we had a governor who stands for justice for all, rather than justice for criminals. As our cities continue to crumble, there is no better cause than the right to bear arms. It's time for voters to stand up for their rights at the polls.

Gary Gamber, Reisterstown

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