Who will stand up to U.S. gun culture?

Where does one start about guns and the love for an outdated Second Amendment that our forefathers if they lived today would never have written? Where does one begin about the armament industry, corporations without conscience for all they are killing in the name of profit? And what happened to the fingerprint activation device they once promised as a gun lock to save the lives of our children?

What happened to our TV, theater, the games our children play, and who decided America needed a steady diet of murderous violence? What happened to the safe haven of the school, the mall, the movies we sat in, the streets we once walked without fear? What happened to the America we once knew?

Is it not time to stand up and say enough is enough? Who will dare demand the end the gun culture that rules America? Is there not one legislator who will dare become the next chapter in John Kennedy's Profiles in Courage?

John Hutchinson, Parkton

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