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Maryland gubernatorial candidates want to reward slackers

Bethlehem Steel

It's election season and again candidates go after the rich to pay more and raise the minimum wage — to $16.70 over eight years in one case ("Mizeur backs income tax cut for 90%," Nov. 7).

Where this to go into effect, we seniors will be crushed by the new prices, and none shall be spared.

It makes me wonder why I paid attention in school, worked at Bethlehem Steel to pay my own way to college, showed up for work even when I was sick, lame or lazy. Soon, a floor sweeper will make about $17,000 a year more then the average Social Security recipient.

I should have gone out and played or slept in class so I could go out and boogie at night rather then study and learn.

If this latest blow to seniors goes through, I will be forced to leave Maryland, where my family has lived since the 17th century, to a state or country that addresses my needs, not those of the slackers who blew off school and are unwilling to start at the bottom and work their way up.

Dan Shannahan, Fullerton

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