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Will we live to see another Republican president?

For those of us born immediately after World War II, there is a distinct possibility many of us won't live to see another Republican elected president. As we drift into senescence, George W. Bush's tenure in office may be fondly recalled as a time "when we used to elect people called Republicans to the White House."

The reason is simple. Contrary to the values on which the Republican Party was founded, today's GOP has become the party of exclusion, espousing fear and ignorance. Will Hispanics and African-Americans soon forget? How about the LGBT community? And how long will it take for women to stop fearing that the government wants to run their bodies?

When our current secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, leaves office at the end of her second term as president in 2024, Texas will be a blue state. Republicans cannot win a national election without it. After that, the next U.S. president will be now Congresswoman Donna Edwards of Maryland, who will become the first female president of color.

Geoffrey Connor, Hunt Valley

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