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Scouts should bar discrimination, period

For 102 years, people have been treated unequally by the Boy Scouts, and on Jan. 28, the organization's board delayed a vote on whether to allow local chapters to decide whether to admit gay members and leaders.

In Maryland where gay couples are now legally allowed to get married, they still may not be allowed to join Scouting. This ultimately provides an adverse consequence to a newly-earned freedom. No one should not be declined from the Boy Scouts because of sexual orientation. As Americans, we have fought over a long period of time to be considered equal and free. Yet to this day, people who are considered gay are being discriminated against and declined from activities that they want to participate in.

We, as American citizens, should make a stand to fight for equality when it is promised but still is not granted to everyone.

Ryan Juarascio, Bel Air

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