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Marriage equality does not infringe on religion

I would like to commend Rev. Tom Harris on his letter to the editor ("Bible, marriage and the Lord's Prayer," Oct. 25), as well as Dan Rodricks' column ("Same-sex unions: What would Jesus do?" Oct. 25), for bringing to light the wisdom that Jesus would bring us in regard to Question 6, the marriage equality law. Jesus always loved those who were different.

The Bible also talks about divorce, and it seems that divorce is now allowed, as is marriage between a mixed race couple. Both of these groups of people used to be denied marriage rights under the law until more enlightened people changed the law to allow equal rights. The Bible was used to condone slavery, so be careful how tightly you hold onto every word as being God's original words.

The marriage equality law does provide legal protections for those religious organizations who choose not to marry gay people or provide services for them. Vote for Question 6. End discrimination!

Sherry Hope, Baltimore

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