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What's the rush to approve a sixth casino site?

We need to ask ourselves why the governor is so determined to get a sixth casino site approved that he is willing call a special session of the legislature in order to get around the process that was set up to make such decisions ("A special mistake, July 26).

The members of the House of Delegates, much to their credit, refused to be bullied into accepting the proposal to give rich casino operators a 25 percent tax break. They realized how bad that would look after they had just voted — at the governor's request — to raise taxes on so-called wealthy Marylanders during the last session.

Now the special session will deal with creating a commission to set the tax rate the new casino will pay. What about the other three casinos already operating here? Will they also receive a tax break? Just how much is the governor willing to give away in order to get a new casino approved?

And why do we need a sixth casino at all when the fourth and fifth ones that were approved have not even been built? What's the rush?

People should pick up their phones and call our senators and delegates to tell them we do not want tax breaks for the rich while ordinary citizens are raked over the coals. And if the governor calls a special session, we need to take our protest to Annapolis.

Len Bender, Glen Burnie

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