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A modest, albeit explosive, solution for city crime

After seeing two unrelated stories in The Sun, I think I've discovered a way to use one problem to solve another. You ran a big article about the trouble police are having dealing with the Black Guerrilla Family ( on the same day you also ran a piece noting that the FAA has cleared the way for domestic use of unmanned drones ("FAA plan paves the way for drone use in U.S. by 2015," Nov. 8).

So why not use the drones to clean up the BGF problem? Police say they have trouble building cases against BGF members because of witness intimidation and a strong culture of non-cooperation with police. But if we let the police use drones, none of that will matter. Just have the drones circling high in the sky watching those drug corners 24 hours a day. Any time the drone operators see illegal activity, they can — BAM! — put a stop to it with a Hellfire missile.

And if we blow up a bunch of innocent bystanders in the process, who cares? Just label them "terrorists" and "collateral damage" the way we do in the Middle East, and no one will be the wiser. After all, if it works on Pakistani grandmothers, why shouldn't it work just as well here?

William Smith, Baltimore

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