Columnist Mossburg flogs a pet hobgoblin yet again

Marta H. Mossburg claims Maryland has the highest percentage of millionaires of any state, "in large part due to the thousands of federal employees with large pensions" ("In Md., your taxes support many of the '1 percent,'" Dec. 7). Could we have the facts and figures to support that absurd-sounding statement?

Ms. Mossburg's pet hobgoblin, the cause of all our woes, is "government spending." But spending is never just for the sake of spending; it is intended to maintain our armed forces, interstate highways and national parks and even (horrors!) to feed the hungry among us. Is Ms. Mossburg opposed to all of these?

On one point I agree with the lady: The often-corrupt collusion between influential politicians and influential bankers. This should be relentlessly exposed and, if possible, restricted.

Edwin Hirschmann, Baltimore

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