Coal magnate fires workers to spite Obama

For Murray Energy Co. CEO Robert Murray to blame President Obama for the company's decision to lay off 150 employees at coal plants in Ohio makes Mr. Murray both inaccurate and mean-spirited ("Coal exec fires 150 workers, blaming Obama's win," Nov. 11).

Coal is and has been in decline for reasons that have nothing to do with Mr. Obama's re-election: The rise of cheap natural gas, environmental regulations and the public's distaste for dirty energy. In the long run the decline of coal will be good for America because it will result in cleaner energy, new jobs in new technology sectors, lower health care costs and a better environment.

Let's not forget that Mr. Murray was part owner of the Crandall Canyon mine, the site of a 2007 mining disaster. The company had 64 safety violations and $12,000 in fines prior to the accident, when it claimed that all the violations were trivial.

After contributing almost $1 million to political campaigns over the last two years, it is obvious that Mr. Murray's personal interest overrides any concern for his employees. That he is now throwing religion into the mix out of sour grapes makes his callous behavior all the more disturbing,

Betty Household

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