Maryland payroll out of whack

Recently, The Sun ran a story regarding a University of Maryland football coach ("Crowton out, Locksley in," Dec. 15) that reveals the school is negotiating a buyout for offensive coordinator Gary Crowton who is due to receive a guaranteed $500,000 salary for the next three years.

I would like to see The Baltimore Sun write an investigative report on state employees like Mr. Crowton who are making more than the Gov. Martin O'Malley and more than President Barack Obama to help coach football. This is disturbing and appalling to me as a taxpayer, that there is no oversight or cap for state salaries like this.

A recent Sun editorial ("A pension windfall," Dec. 18) regarding the pension benefits provided to Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and a handful of other senior managers describes a situation that pales in comparison to a assistant football coach making a half-million dollars annually (not to mention more in camps and endorsements). How many football coaches for this losing team made this kind of money equal to about 10 public school teachers?

The University of Maryland recently eliminated a number of smaller athletic programs while keeping the big-ticket items. We are trying to work our way out of a recession and most government employees have spent three years with frozen salaries and no raises and this in turn freezes future pensions at lower rates than planned. Meanwhile, Coach Crowton made a guaranteed $500,000 a year through the entire recession. Help me understand this. No wonder Governor O'Malley raised tuition.

David W. Holdefer, Columbia

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