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Long-term Baltimore schools strategy must still meet short-term needs

While I appreciate Baltimore City schools CEO Andrés Alonso's long-term plans to upgrade and update the system's aging buildings, let's not lose focus on more immediate and pressing needs ("City schools plan a 10-year revamp," Nov. 28).

Those would include adequate restroom facilities, with functioning toilets, urinals and sinks, accessible cold drinking water for students, adequate heat during the colder months and amenities such as pencils, notebooks, books and computers.

All schools also need to implement anti-bullying campaigns and provide available counseling for troubled students as well as implement a consistent disciplinary program that gives classroom teachers more autonomy when dealing with incorrigible children.

Let's not sacrifice current students' needs for the sake of a long-term vision that provides few short-term benefits.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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