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Cardin should put Maryland ahead of Israel

I appreciated reading the commentary, "Don't let Israel discriminate," (April 30) This is a concern that has been long documented by the State Department and a new bill in Congress has been written to provide a "look the other way" response to these racial policies and afford Israel visa waiver status.

Rather than supporting this legislation, U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin should be promoting the interests and needs of Maryland residents first. If there are citizens of Maryland who are discriminated against and refused entry into Israel (or any other country for that matter) merely on the basis of being the wrong religion or ethnic origin, he shouldn't be supporting a loophole which would condone these actions.

Rather, Senator Cardin should stand in solidarity with his constituents. By refusing to give Israel visa waiver status, Mr. Cardin would be upholding U.S. principals of fairness and equality. It is also possible that this would encourage Israel to implement less discriminatory policies.

But most importantly, his refusal to support this bill shows his constituents that we are the ones that he truly cares about.

Susan Kerin, Derwood

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