A common-sense, nonpartisan approach to cutting carbon emissions

Your editorial on the new EPA standards for more fuel-efficient cars notes that "some ideas simply make too much sense to stir much controversy" ("EPA gets it right," Aug. 30). That's an accurate description of another proposed effort to reduce carbon emissions as well.

The proposal, known as fee-and-dividend, would place a gradually rising fee on carbon emissions and return all the revenues collected under the proposal back to the public. This policy would induce the energy sector to embrace less polluting forms of power and boost job growth while reducing emissions.

As you noted, "protecting the environment, conserving energy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil aren't partisan issues." This is why fee-and-dividend is the approach that can work for anyone, Democrat or Republican, who cares about the future of life on this planet.

D.R. Tucker, Brockton, Mass.

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