The Sun's spin on Bush is never applied to President Obama

I'm still holding my head after reading your scurrilous diatribe regarding historians' assessment of the presidency of George W. Bush ("Misoverestimating Bush," April 28).

How can you write such words with a straight face? Whatever happened to "objective" journalism?

Yet when it comes to President Barack Obama, do you even know the stimulus plan failed because of all the pork? Or the trillions of dollars Obamacare will cost?

Did you hear that members of Congress are trying to exempt themselves and their aides? Do you know that whistle blowers trying to set the record straight on Benghazi are being threatened to keep their mouths shut? Or that the Boston bomber was read his rights before the FBI was through questioning him — even though the Justice Department had 48 hours before it had to do so.

Do you ever comment on any of this? Talk about spin — that's reason I am holding my head.

Mignon Rosenthal, Pikesville

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