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Why doesn't the Sun pay more attention to professional soccer?

My husband and I are season ticket holders to the Baltimore Blast soccer team and have been for many years. This is a championship team, yet they always seem to be put on the back burner of your paper's sports section.

The team should have been on the front page of last Sunday's section after winning 23 to 13 ("Hernandez, Baltimore open season with win," Nov. 4). Instead they were on Page 8. Why would you put a winning team on Page 8?

You find room for the Orioles and the Ravens during their season games, so why can't you find room for the Blast during its season? They are a winning hometown team, just like the others.

They do not deserve to be put with the college and high school teams. They used to play to a full house, so how about trying to help promote this sport just like others?

Soccer is a far less costly sport than football and baseball. The Blast definitely deserve more publicity than you have given them.

Betty Hyman

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