Audacity of hope, or arrogance of power?

Webster's defines arrogance as the "offensive exhibition of assumed or real superiority," an "overbearing pride," an "imperious" nature. One only has to look to our government to find the embodiment of arrogance — in our elected officials, our Congress and our president.

Arrogance is not exclusive to liberals, moderates or conservatives. Arrogance is usually accompanied by one form of superiority or another. The arrogance of the ignorant "nobody" is as dangerous as that of the intellectual "somebody." Both deserve each other's company. The difference is the decisions of the "some bodies" can affect all the other "nobodies."

At no other time in the last 40 years have Americans witnessed the levels of political arrogance and swagger as are now collected in the marble halls of the U.S. Capitol and the White House. And no other person in high office displays more audacity than President Obama; he even wrote a book on the subject.

It has become abundantly clear since taking office that President Obama is not the great "fixer" of what is wrong with America; he has become the lightning rod for racial division, liberal zealots, conservative animosity and tea party action.

From his apology tours, government takeovers, looming tax increases, socialized health care, bank reforms, deficit spending, unsustainable debt, immigration lawsuits, unemployment woes, green energy fiascoes, and Benghazi cover-ups, President Obama's handling of matters has placed America in peril.

Anthony Lambros, Fallston

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