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Freedom of speech goes for abortion protesters, too

I want to thank The Sun for running on page one last Sunday the story about the abortion protesters' arrest in Harford County in 2008 ("State trooper wanted protesters to 'rot,'" March 24).

We have many freedoms being eroded daily by misguided police officials and other public servants who are supposed to protect us and our freedoms. Freedom of speech is precious. Freedom from being offended isn't in our Constitution.

Police personnel and all public servants need to remember that they are servants and protectors of the citizens. They are not mini-dictators. Those protesters didn't need to be treated the way some of our forefathers were treated by British soldiers.

A separate issue that concerns me is that the gruesomeness depicted on those protesters' signs results from procedures that are legal in Maryland. This state allows babies two weeks or two minutes or two seconds prior to their expected date of birth to be killed. That should be more disturbing than pictures of what results from the legal activity of the abortion doctors. If abortion wasn't ugly the pictures wouldn't be ugly.

James Roberts, Woodstock

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