Both parties, not just Republicans, haven't served the country well

In Dan Rodricks' column "If John Boehner is moderate we have a problem" (July 28 ) he again only gives half the facts to continue his support of the Democrat Party. I find that both parties have not served the country well. Mr. Rodricks is a far-left liberal and considers anyone who does not have his values to be far right. He considers members of Congress who want to stop the obscene spending and balance the budget to be extreme. He longs for the days before Bill Clinton when the Democrats had large majorities in both houses and the Republicans had no input in committee meetings. He does not mention that the Democrats had control of both branches of Congress from January 2007 to January 2010. That was the time when our country went downhill and the debt increased dramatically. I do fault George Bush for not using his veto to stop the Democratic spending spree. Mr. Rodricks, please give us the full story when you critique our politicians.

Stanley J. Glinka, Ellicott City

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